Dracula Quest


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Quest about finding the recipe for Dracula’s cocktail – just what you need for a children’s (or maybe not so children’s) party!
In today’s world, Dracula has long since switched to blood donation, and in his sinister castle he has set up a hotel for monsters and horror movie fans.
And now, on the eve of the grand party, Dracula’s ancient cocktail recipe is missing! Oh no, everyone knows that this cocktail is the highlight of the program…
Help Dracula save the party! And then – make a cocktail yourself according to the signature recipe.
To conduct this quest, you will need:
– scissors
– duct tape/glue
– key
– toilet paper – 3 rolls
– slimes – for each player
– several jars
– foil
– smelly ingredients (garlic and optionally – basil, spices, any other smells)
– a glass of tomato or any other red juice
– Cherry juice, pineapple juice, cinnamon, cardamom, orange – if you want to try making Dracula’s cocktail.


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