Children cry to win

Do you know the expression: “Mice cried, stabbed, but kept eating a cactus”? That’s often the case with our children. They play, lose, get upset and play again.
It happens when they’re 4 and 6 and 10. Yeah, well, a lot of adults get upset because they lose.
How can you help a child to cope with the discontent of losing, so this experience will help him in the future to get out of unpleasant situations in the real life?
We will tell you how we try to deal with children’s reaction to losing a game:
🌞 We pay attention to what a child does well even if he or she loses.
🌞 We only encourage and compare with the results of the child himself. “You played great today, it’s harder and harder to beat you every time.”
🌞 We show by our own example how we get out of this situation. “Today is my bad luck, however…”

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