Are the boardgames good to have fun only or can help to learn? We believe that both is true, especially for children. It is sometimes difficult to find motivation to do math, and you usually do not need to motivate children to play. The best think is that children may not even realize they learn something while they play the game. Here is our favorite games list to help parent to increase math skills through the game, especially important for the summer vacations coming

  1. Rummikub
    Game of the year 1980 in Germany, bestselling game in US 1977, one of the favorite games of our 9- and 12-years kids. Consists of 106 tiles with numbers of four main colors, which could be combined in the number sets from 1 to 13 of one color or in the sets of the same number with different colors. Teach to count, teach to pay attention of different sets and re-combinate, or use one of two jokers to close the needed number. You will not be bored during the 20 minutes as one round of the game usually takes.
  1. Skip-bo
    Production started in 1967 in Texas, US. Card came where each player own stockpile of 10 cards with top card visible with objective to be the first one to play them out. To do this there is a shared area where 4 build piles with cards going in order from 1 to 12, so player need to use their turn and cards in hands to be able to put the card from stockpile in a sequence. Very dynamic, funny, quick count game highly recommended from already 6-7 years children.
  1. Completto
    Teaches the numbers from 1 to 100. There are 100 tiles, from those each player has 17 tiles face down and 5 tiles to be put to be pushed in this 17 tiles row. Goal of the game is to build a row of ascending numbers from left to right with those 22 tiles and be the first one. So players in their turn need to open tiles from their row and either move it to different position to build the ascending row or replace with new tile. In addition, with number rows work this game teaches to be patient, to work on winning strategies, making a choice.
  1. Splittissimo
    Introduces children to the world of fractions and teaches them how to easily perform different operations on fractional numbers: folding, shrinking and bringing them to a common denominator. All these operations are based on the example of delicious slices of pizza with different ingredients, so the game is so enjoyable for children and parents!
  1. Multibloom
    Helps to understand and memorize the multiplication table so quickly and excitingly. And it works very simply: players during the game repeatedly add up the same numbers, which leads to an understanding of the principle of multiplication. It is important that the “Colorarium” develops not only the ability to multiply, but also strategic thinking!

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